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This Client has enjoyed great success through weekly PT sessions and by making better lifestyle and mindset changes..

Mary-Ann Deasy.

‘After some months/years of convincing myself that one short run every few weeks was keeping me in vague shape, I tentatively started Fit Mix boot camp.I haven’t looked back because the smile-ometer readings are so high you forget about the musclenoise.This led to a running plan and some Pilates over 5 months with a 10 mile race target.The plan, coupled with the gentle Strava encouragement from Charlotte and Ella, meant I found time I didn’t know I had in a crazy work/family schedule to get out there and run - even if only mind blowing circular laps of the garden! I was delighted with my 10 mile race but more importantly, after years of thinking it would be too hard to get back into some form of regular fitness routine, the flexibility of the various programmes Fit Mix offers, has made it possible.I feel great and I can only say a very big THANK YOU to Charlotte and Ella! Everyone needs Fit Mix in their lives! X

I've had a personal trainer for many years and then in April 2014, I made the decision to give Charlotte a trial run! Charlotte listened to my wants & needs and with much trepidation, I began my weekly PT sessions. I now attend cardio & pilates classes too.

Classes are always structured, well prepared and no two classes are ever the same with options given of how to do certain exercises as Charlotte is well aware of her clients' differing abilities and any ailments they may have.

The FitMix gang are encouraged by both Charlotte & each other and all are extremely supportive.

I can boast that although I may be one of her more 'mature' clients, Charlotte gave me the confidence & training necessary to get my muddied and battered body through this years Nuclear Race, an achievement I would never have thought possible.

Don’t let Charlottes penchant for all things pink & her enjoyment of a glass of squashed grapes lull you into a false sense of security as when it comes to training, this girl is seriously hardcore!

If you want results and are willing to work hard to get them, Charlotte will be there for you every step, squat, jump, crawl & climb of the way.....


"I have been doing bootcamp for about 18 months now and always have fun. Charlotte is constantly changing the format and exercises so it's always interesting and challenging. I always come out feeling good and tend to feel energised for the rest of the day. I'm now doing the fitmix pilates classes too which are helping with core strength, stretching out and generally feeling good on a monday morning! Charlotte's classes are professional but also friendly and fun and there is something to challenge you whatever level you start from."

Lucy Davies

Charlotte is great. Her classes are inclusive, varied, challenging and fun! Since starting both fitmix and bootcamp classes just over a year ago, I have seen a huge improvement in my physical fitness. I am stronger and happier, and she is worth every penny.

Louise Brown

As someone who hated PE at school and had done their
best to avoid any physical activity since leaving school, I was a little hesitant about my first FitMix class. No-one was more surprised that me to discover that I could enjoy exercise after all. Charlotte plans something
different every week, so I could never get bored, and she somehow manages to cater for every level of ability. I'm always impressed with how aware she is of every member of the class.

Since that first class, I've joined in her summer bootcamp classes, Pilates classes and even been part of team FitMix in an obstacle race. I just wouldn't have done any of this without Charlotte's encouragement and the friendly, supportive atmosphere of FitMix.

Lucy Parrett

I do a mixture of Pilates, Fitmix and PT sessions with Charlotte. There is a real buzz in her classes, a great
atmosphere, and I really enjoy the mixture of strength/body conditioning and aerobic exercise. Every week is different, which means I am constantly being challenged to try new things. I have always exercised, but I have never enjoyed classes as much as these, and I am now fitter than I have ever been. Great fun and great results.

Melanie Newton.

My name is Bob. I am retired and as a long standing member for nearly 10 years, Fitmix is a friendly group, making exercise fun. From challenging workouts to bootcamps, at your own fitness level, everyone enjoys
the experience. Personally, I have loved every minute.

Bob Barnard

.....Thanks for all your support this half term, I never in a million years imagined I'd be able to do a bootcamp but I genuinely love coming to the classes even though it's such hard work! The endorphin surge is well worth it!

Emma Harrington

I just want to say how much I'm enjoying our sessions (1:1 Pilates) and feel the benefits every week. Each muscle you say we are working I feel the next few days. I love it.


"I've just returned from Friday bootcamp with Ella and just thought I'd drop a line to say thank you...

We went skiing over half term and I can honestly say that I really noticed the difference that bootcamp has made. I've been attending Tollesbury bootcamp most weeks for approx. 6 months. Previously I had always found skiing quite tiring and physically demanding holiday. This year I had absolutely no aches or pains after skiing whatsoever and could have carried on another week...

Sam Tallowin