There is 1FitMix Pilates class at Birch Village Hall per week. It  runs in half term blocks to coincide with the school terms. This website will be updated with the current term dates. The cost per class is £8 and is payable in advance in full for the duration of the block of classes. I also do a weekly online pilates session for £5. Saved pilates classes can be bought at £5 per YouTube link.


The classes are for all levels and abilities. Each term everybody is refreshed on the core principles and fundamentals of Pilates practice. During the class modifications and options are given for each exercise and demonstrated for each level, from the absolute beginner to the advanced. I like to teach a functional style of Pilates, relating the original Joseph Pilates' 34 mat exercises to our everyday life and movement. We typically start the class from standing, ensuring correct postural alignment. A mobilisation routine will follow to prepare the body mentally and physically for the class. Then the 34 original exercises are taken, used and modified and incorporated in sequences and flowing formats.

I like to use Pilates balls, resistance bands, glute activation bands and gliding discs in the classes as well. This equipment is both useful as an aid and makes the exercises more challenging.

Pilates has many benefits. It improves posture, muscle tone, balance and joint mobility, as well as relieving stress and tension.

Pilates instruction is also available for 1:1 or small groups. The benefit of smaller or personal 1:1 sessions are that they are tailored to the individual. A personal postural assessment is completed, then a suitable programme of instruction is made. This is particularly beneficial if you have a health condition that requires close attention. The cost of a 1:1 session is £35 per hour and small group sessions of up to 4 people are £40per person per hour.

Please feel free to get in contact if you require any further information.