I am delighted to be able to now offer Specialist Corrective Exercise training. This is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) qualification, which puts me on the global register of Corrective Exercise Specialists.

This is advanced fitness instructor training to work with clients suffering musculoskeletal impairments, imbalances or post rehabilitation concerns.

The corrective exercise method is a system of training that uses corrective strategies to help improve muscle imbalance and movement capabilities and to decrease the risk of injury.

Muscle imbalances lead to poor movement which leads to injury. Corrective exercise could help prevent those injuries.

Consultations include full postural and functional analysis, including - movement, range of movement, and strength assessments.

Identification of impairment, imbalance.

A thorough program of self-myofascial release, lengthening techniques and corrective exercise strategies for specific joint impairments. Activating previously underactive musculature and then integrating a specialised exercise program uniquely designed to correct identified impairment and imbalance.

1:1 consultations and subsequent corrective exercise programs cost £60.

For more information or to book a session please contact me on 07776297702 or email charlottemonks@fitmixfitness.co.uk