Hi, my name is Charlotte Monks. I have always been a keen exerciser and fitness class participant. Having left my career in the City and seen my children into school, I decided to follow my passion and train to become a fitness instructor.

 I completed the CYQ Level 2 & 3 fitness instructor qualifications over a decade ago and FitMix was born! Since then I have added:

Active IQ level 3 Pilates.

Advanced Pilates for orthopaedic conditions.

Two Active IQ level 2 Children's fitness qualifications for ages 0-5 and 5-16 years.

Freestyle Fitness Yoga.

Level 4 diploma in teaching yoga (RQF)

Active IQ Level 3 Older Adult Fitness coach.

Active IQ Level 3 Award in Pre and Post Natal Exercise. 

NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) level 4  Corrective Exercise Specialist. (CES)

I have also completed numerous courses and workshops to continue my professional development.

FitMix has evolved from one evening class to a busy timetable of Pilates & Yoga classes, children's fitness classes, adult fitness classes, bootcamps, Corrective Training, Seniors fitness, 1:1 fitness and Pilates training, a healthy eating inch loss program, running training and a racing team for any fitness event. 

FitMix is your one-stop-shop to many different types of fitness training for all populations.

I take a very functional approach to fitness. Fitness is not an abstract concept - it means nothing unless it improves your quality of life and assists you in living the way you want. This means training the muscles to work together efficiently during exercise sessions to better prepare them for everyday activities. I believe in fitness for life; it has to become part of your lifestyle and benefit all aspects of your life. I am the first person to admit that exercise can be boring. That is why I make each exercise session different. With the use of diverse class formats, styles and equipment, no two exercise sessions are ever the same. This not only helps to keep your interest and enjoyment fresh but also helps you physically avoid a plateau in your fitness development. Click on the above tabs to see in more detail what I do in each class.

Fitmix has become not only exercise classes, but a little community in itself. If you are looking for a fitness goal, there are plenty of options, from building core strength with Pilates to testing your strength, stamina and teamwork in bootcamp. 1:1 and small group sessions are also available for fitness training and Pilates. Whatever your goal, just come along to any of the classes or sessions armed with some water and give it a go. FitMix is a friendly, inclusive bunch of people ranging from the pre schoolers who come along to watch and join in a bit, Mums & Dads participating in classes after school drop off to our oldest class members in their 60's and 70's. Whatever your fitness level, you are made to feel welcome.