This is NOT a diet, its a lifestyle change.

This is a 6 week weight & inch loss course, incorporating exercise sessions, nutritional plans, 1:1 personal & online advice & support.

The course includes a full package to help you tone up and slim down those problem areas in just 6 weeks. Start whenever you are ready.

Course includes......

** Nutritional information on eating clean, elimination of fats & sugars, Metabolism & Immune System boosting food, for loads more energy.**

** Recipes**

**Meal Plans**

**Food Diary**

**Exercise Diary**

**Free FitMix Class Pass*

**Optional measurements**

**Online Workouts To Do At Home**

All this for only £60.

Please email for more details or to book.


Our lives are busier than ever juggling family, work and social commitments. Finding time to look after ourselves is often way down the list of priorities.

However, eating and drinking well and regularly exercising is the key to looking after yourself, ensuring you have the energy to juggle that busy life. What you eat is as important as your physical training.

The key to this plan is not restricting yourself to a limited and unsustainable diet. This is about eating whole, real and clean foods, which will boost your metabolism, balance blood sugar levels and ensure you benefit from all the vitamins, minerals, protein and fibre necessary to live a healthy lifestyle.

This is where my 6 week plan comes in. By eliminating caffeine, alcohol, gluten and refined sugar from your diet you will restore your body's natural energy which will leave you feeling less tired, bloated and susceptible to sugar cravings.

Swapping processed and packaged foods for healthier 'made from scratch' meals will be easier than you think. Why reach for a readymade jar of bolognaise when you can put together a healthy, nutritious pasta sauce from fresh ingredients instead? Enjoy making some unusual soups, smoothies and juices. Your whole family will enjoy the change.

With the help of a food list, food diary, exercise diary, meal plans, recipes and exercise routines, you will see inches disappear and be in a established new healthier routine which will go way beyond 6 weeks. It will become your new lifestyle.

I have already received some amazing feedback from clients having completed the plan....

Tori -

I have now finished my 6 weeks with Charlotte and I have only positive things to say. My introduction should start by saying I have lost just over 11 inches in 6 weeks, 3.5 of those of my waist, and 3.5 of my hips. (and although it's not about the weight loss but I have lost nearly 1.5 stones) I won't lie, it was not easy, particularly the first 2 weeks, whilst I was processing all the information, learning the do's and don'ts. But once I got a handle on it and organised myself I actually quite enjoyed it.
There was, of course, an element of sugar withdrawal at the beginning but with Charlottes support and suggestion I got through it. Charlotte provided me with lots of interesting, surprising and sometimes positively frightening information, that really helped to keep me focused. She also provided lots of tasty recipes, sample menus and lots of ideas on exercising around my hectic lifestyle. Her support was enormous and for me that was critical.

My few words of wisdom would be:
1, Get organised as quick as possible, this regime takes a lot of organising, meal planning is a must and always write a shopping list.
2, Always have cucumber, pepper, carrot and celery sticks in the fridge for those weak moments.
3, If your will power is weak, don't have it in the house.

I am delighted with my results, and 1 week on and I have continued to eat in the same way. I believe the 6 weeks will have a lasting effect on my because when I did try to have a 'blow out' at the weekend I just felt bloated and uncomfortably full and generally unpleasant, long may that feeling continue. I feel more fresh, I have much more energy, I just feel better in myself.

My final word is, it works, Charlotte is a great support and mentor, the initial plan is for only six weeks, give it your all and see the results. Six weeks in nothing in the grand scheme of things, go for whole heartedly.

Here is an email I received from another very satisfied participant.

Dear Charlotte
Thank you for your help with the clean eating programme. I followed it closely for 3 weeks, then due to a bereavement my focus was elsewhere....however I continued to cut out sweet cereal, biscuits (quite a large habit of mine), cake and general snacking. Charlotte provided lots of information and support, recipes and treat ideas. Keeping a food diary really makes you think about what you actually eat and drink. I had measurements taken at the beginning and at the end of the 6 weeks and I was delighted to find that I'd lost weight from my waist, bottom and thighs. The changes I've made as a result of the programme are: (1) I've cut out sugary snacks (2) I eat nuts (3) I drink more water (4) I cook from scratch where possible and make soup for lunch (5) I eat porridge or organic muesli rather than breakfast cereals (6) I replace some caffeinated drinks with green tea (7) I avoid bread (8) I generally exercise more restraint and think before I eat! Many thanks for your help Charlotte x