Bootcamp classes in Birch are held during term time every Wednesday morning 9.15-10.15am in Bailey Meadow Field.

There are also  2 bootcamps that run in Tollesbury at the recreation ground. Mondays and Fridays 9am - 10am.

During the school holidays, parents are encouraged to bring children along for family sessions. The holiday family sessions are organised and scheduled just before the end of term so keep an eye on the website for more details of when and what time they are.

Bootcamp classes are a mixture of team games, including tag, relay races and circuits. We also take the boxing gloves and pads out for fun and challenging boxing drills. Bailey Meadow field is on a steep slope which I like to think is one of its unique selling points. We are able to take advantage of the hill for interval training and hill based exercises and workouts.

FitMix has its very own assault course in Birch. It consists of lots of tyre obstacles, a climbing wall, an apex frame, a balance rope obstacle, a scramble net, monkey bars, a tunnel and a rope climb. The course is fun and very challenging. We use individual obstacles as part of our bootcamp and once you have been shown how to complete it safely, you have the option to complete a timed lap of the course and register your time on the Fitmix lap leaderboard. Each time you come, you are encouraged to try and improve on your time. This assault course has proved very popular with class participants and the children have also been able to put some great lap times in for their modified course.

Click on the link to see a video clip of the lap.

There really is something for everyone at Fitmix bootcamp, from the beginner to the regular exerciser. Everyone is welcome and there is nothing better than exercising outdoors in the fresh air.

Team FitMix at Nuclear Races 2017.

Here are a few Bootcamp photos.....